Aible Automated Machine Learning Solution Featured in Gartner Case Study

  • Textile manufacturer Merrow identified $3 million in additional sales leads within two hours using Aible
  • Aible AutoML solves real-world business issues, empowering citizen data scientists to prioritize business impact over model accuracy

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--()--Aible, the leader in real world AI for business impact, today announced it has been cited in a report entitled, “Four Real-World Case Studies: Implement Augmented DSML to Enable Expert and Citizen Data Scientists” (Gartner subscription required) published by Gartner Inc., the world’s leading research and advisory company.

The report, which lists four real-world case studies demonstrating solutions for facilitating the work of expert and citizen data scientists, cited a specific use case facilitated by Aible for its textile manufacturing customer Merrow. The use case was cited to illustrate an example of a data science and machine learning (DSML) solution. According to the report, “augmented DSML approaches enable citizen data scientists to leverage advanced analytic capability without the need for data science, machine learning knowledge and technical expertise.”

“With just a few clicks, I found three million dollars in additional sales leads in two hours with Aible,” said Merrow CEO Charlie Merrow. “I also discovered additional revenue opportunities I could close by adding sales resources. What seemed like a tactical problem turned into a strategic opportunity with the insights from Aible.”

In light of this particular use case, Gartner recommends "recognize the trade-off between model accuracy and business value. Leverage solutions that provide not only accurate models but also models consistent with business priorities. Remember that the most accurate model from a DSML perspective might not have the best business value."

“We are honored that our work with Merrow has been included in Gartner’s report,” said Aible CEO and Founder Arijit Sengupta.

The Gartner report Four Real-World Case Studies: Implement Augmented DSML to Enable Expert and Citizen Data Scientists was authored by Gartner analysts Jim Hare and Carlie Idoine and was published August 19, 2019.

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