Aible AI helps Beddr make an impact on sleep

On-Demand Webinar

Hear how Michael Kisch, Founder & CEO of Beddr, and his team are using Aible to create AI that impacts patients' health through better sleep. 


Beddr is driving the next generation of sleep health through their clinically validated sleep product that allows consumers to monitor and tune their sleep. With Aible, Beddr is creating AI that evaluates patients’ sleep based on impact, not accuracy, to make predictions that identify the best action someone can take to get a better night's rest. By making predictions on an individualized basis, Beddr is able to provide a tailor-made solution and get better results for their patients.

About our speaker: Michael Kisch is passionate about making healthcare simple, engaging, and accessible to more people. Previously, Mike was the founding CEO of Soundhawk, a wearable hearing enhancement company that developed the first connected hearing device.