Learn what you need for a comprehensive citizen data science ecosystem

"To date, most data science and machine learning (DSML) projects are not operationalized, leaving significant unrealized potential relative to achieving real, measurable business benefits." - Carlie Idoine, "Build a Comprehensive Ecosystem for Citizen Data Science to Drive Impactful Analytics" published 27 August 2019 by Gartner, Inc.

At Aible, we believe that the best way to deliver AI for measurable business impact is through full AutoML in a complete 10 step process. AI platforms need to support all stages of the development and operational cycles - from business requirements gathering through monitoring of the actual business impact. We feel this new Gartner report highlights all the elements for a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers business teams as citizen data scientists throughout the full AI lifecycle.

Per Gartner, "As citizen data scientists enter the analytics process, new opportunities abound for organizations to leverage their expertise and business acumen not only in transformational ways, but also to address everyday opportunities that offer significant opportunities for measurable business impact. Business extension projects can best take advantage of the citizen data scientist’s business knowledge and experience. In addition, they are relatively easy for an enterprise to understand, justify, accept and implement. As such, these smaller initiatives provide the opportunity to build momentum and trust in DSML approaches."

Aible provides two editions of our AI platform: our standard edition for business users and Aible Advanced for data scientists and developers. Aible standard edition allows business people to leverage their understanding of the business to create custom AI for business impact. Aible Advanced provides data scientists coverage of the full 10 steps needed in developing and operationalizing custom AI at scale. We believe that Aible and Aible Advanced empowers data scientists and business people collaboration in a way that can facilitate Gartner's recommendations to "Build a citizen data science ecosystem by including not only tools, but also data, people and process."

Learn what it takes to realize a citizen data science ecosystem for your business. Sign up today for your complimentary copy of the full Gartner report "Build a Comprehensive Ecosystem for Citizen Data Science to Drive Impactful Analytics".

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Per Gartner, "The best approach is to find the synergy between expert and citizen roles, enabling a more effective and efficient division of labor across the analytics process life cycle, using the strengths that both roles bring to the process. This sharing of responsibility will enable both parties to focus on the areas where they provide the most value and will be more personally rewarding."




Gartner, Build a Comprehensive Ecosystem for Citizen Data Science to Drive Impactful Analytics, 27 August 2019, Carlie Idoine

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