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The Fastest Way to AI Value

Aible Guided Evaluation is the Fastest Way to Business Impact.

Using your own data and with zero upfront effort experience how Aible Sense allows you to automatically structure your data for AI training, perform data prep and enrichment and evaluate your data for AI-readiness, allowing your teams to leverage the data you have today to generate impactful recommendations.

Using Aible Explore, Leverage guided data exploration and augmented analytics, that helps business users visually understand business drivers, uncover root causes, and identify contextual insights in minutes.
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Your 7-day guided evaluation includes:

•  Introduction to Aible Sense & Explore

•  Day 1: Kick off call (45 mins)

• Check data suitability
• Demo of Sense & Explore
• Sense & Explore Customer Data

•  Day 3: Check-in call (20 mins)


•  Day 5: Check-in call (20 mins)


•  Day 7: Trial Outcome & Progression call (30 mins)

• Wrap up of customer findings
• Other Use Case Opportunities
• Progression options
• Immediate Impact Opportunity


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