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The Fastest Way to AI Value

Aible Guided Evaluation is the Fastest Way to Business Impact.

Companies use data to drive innovation and create a competitive advantage in their respective marketplaces. In this virtual event, four fast-growing startups share their experiences using BigQuery.

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Using Aible Explore, Leverage guided data exploration and augmented analytics, that helps business users visually understand business drivers, uncover root causes, and identify contextual insights in minutes.

Your 7-day guided evaluation includes:

•  Introduction to Aible Sense & Explore

•  Day 1: Kick off call (45 mins)

• Check data suitability
• Demo of Sense & Explore
• Sense & Explore Customer Data

•  Day 3: Check-in call (20 mins)

•  Day 5: Check-in call (20 mins)

•  Day 7: Trial Outcome & Progression call (30 mins)

• Wrap up of customer findings
• Other Use Case Opportunities
• Progression options
• Immediate Impact Opportunity


We look forward to delighting you on the call and are excited to surface the value in your data

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