Intel and Aible Performance Benchmark and Case Studies Report

Fortune 500 companies and other organizations across key industries have participated in this program and have all seen impact from AI in 30 days.
Highlights include:

  • A Fortune 500 technology company used Aible to identify actionable insights for sales opportunities in a matter of 29 days
  • Another Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider finds new insights in Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data with a 20X improvement in speed to insight in 15 days
  • Nova Southeastern University discovered paths to improve student retention by 17% by utilizing AI from Aible in just 15 days
  • A multinational CPG company used Aible to identify ways to drive $10M in additional sales in just 17 days


Download the report to see details with more case studies and the initial results from the performance benchmark study.

Download Report