Do More With Less:
How AI Makes Marketing More Effective


In short, enterprises must make major changes to their business models.

Marketing is being asked to do more with less. AI can help firms more effectively and quickly target the right customer with the right product and optimize spending across campaigns.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how AI is being applied in banking and other industries today by:

Abbas Merchant, Senior Financial Services Marketing Leader 
Geoff Grant, Aible Product Marketer

Abbas served as the Group Vice President of Consumer and Business Marketing and Customer Analytics and Sciences at M&T Bank and Senior Vice President of Market Analysis and Research at US Bank, and he is currently an Industry Advisor with Aible.

Together they discuss:

  • The key challenges with marketing today and how AI can help marketing perform better
  • How to marketing and sales teams can predict, optimize, and anticipate change, maximizing your bottom line
  • Use cases that can deliver ROI within your favorite applications and how Aible can help you address your company's specific challenges using AI


Abbas Merchant
Industry Advisor
Geoff Grant
Product Marketing

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