Driving Impact:
From Customer Acquisition to Retention


While CRM software has created its share of operational efficiences, industry studies report 70% of enterprises are not maximizing their CRM.

The questions we are all trying to answer – How can we take advantage of CRM assets and drive overall corporate strategy, while automating for transparency and efficiency, even as market conditions change?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how enterprises are leveraging CRM tools as a key asset to drive customer acquisition and supporting retention, presented by:

Tommy Stewart, CRO, Aible 
Laura Nelson, SVP, Ad Products and Enablement, Disney

Together they discuss:

  • How to enhance CRM so that it fits the needs of current day customer engagement
  • The value of AI with CRM and how it drives measurable impact 
  • Core focus areas and use cases to drive customer and prospect engagement
  • Key advice on aligning CRM to corporate strategy in the face of market disruption


Tommy Stewart
Chief Revenue Officer
Laura Nelson
SVP, Ad Products and Enablement

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