The Key to AI Success


Studies show that a mere 10% of organizations achieve financial benefits with AI.

The reason: Businesses often unwittingly deploy a set of tactics with their AI that's in conflict with their overall strategic objectives. This can result in AI that actually destroys value.

The solution: strategy-first AI. To ensure payback, AI must take into account your strategic intent upfront. Deploy a portfolio of AI models that deliver recommendations that align to your overarching strategy, while optimizing your actions and reactions based on market shifts, cost-benefit tradeoffs, and capacity constraints. That way, the AI is always trained on you strategic intent, adjusts to changes, and continuously delivers value - across critical business functions, including marketing, sales, finance, and more.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how enterprises are aligning their AI strategy with their overall strategic objectives, presented by: Arijit Sengupta, CEO and Founder, Aible


  • Why 90% of AI projects fail to deliver value and how you can reverse that equation
  • How to prevent the tactics of an AI from directly contradicting the strategy that your organization is trying to pursue
  • How both large and small organizations have successfully gotten to multi-million-dollar benefits in the first month of using strategy-first AI technology
  • Common use cases for marketing and sales (lead scoring, upsell and budget optimization, and more)


Arijit Sengupta
CEO and Founder

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