Aible Extension For Tableau

Interactive Tableau Workbook with Aible Extension that powers
predictions and what-if analysis.


Aible elevates the Tableau experience for analysts and business users by infusing AI that is optimized for ROI directly within dashboards. It transforms dashboards into more operational applications and brings analysts and business users up to speed with data scientists.

The pre-designed Tableau demo workbook shows you three ways to leverage AI that delivers measurable ROI directly within your Tableau dashboards. The demo uses a sale dataset to demonstrate capabilities offered by the Aible extension, including predictions and what-if analysis.

Download the Tableau demo workbook with the Aible extension today to learn how you can:

  • Leverage predictions that are optimized for ROI within dashboards
  • Conduct scenario testing with real-time recommendations
  • Collect real-time feedback from end-users on AI recommendations
  • Customize the AI to match personal preferences of end-users by making it more aggressive or conservative

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