Delivering ROI From AI Across Functions
The Boomi-Aible partnership removes the complexity in delivering ROI from AI on your terms while preserving the organization’s ability to be flexible as circumstances change.

In today’s uncertain world, it is especially crucial that business teams leverage AI-powered recommendations to deliver optimal business impact.

Together, Boomi and Aible empower IT teams to deploy inescapable AI experiences for business teams directly within business applications such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Marketo, and more.

Join this live webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 9th at 10 am PDT and 1 pm EDT to learn how the Boomi-Aible partnership empowers:

  • Centralized IT teams to launch integrated AI experiences for business teams that help them react to changing business and market conditions
  • Developers and data engineers to engage with business teams by implementing bi-directional AI workflows within Salesforce, Oracle, Marketo, and other popular business facing applications
  • Business teams to leverage an iterative and flexible approach for agile strategic planning and scenario testing to deliver sustained business impact and ROI - within the applications they use


Ed Macosky
Head of Product 
Arijit Sengupta
Founder and CEO 
Jonathan Wray

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