for the Data Analyst 2.0

Business ops teams and data analysts hold the reins to growing the business, from pipeline generation to cost savings. Why? Because sales ops, marketing ops, finance ops, and revenue ops have the strongest handle on the data and business goals.

Spreadsheets and dashboards won’t continue to cut it for these teams. Innovations and easy access to predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI have further elevated the role of the analyst to become a valued insight and prescriptive engine for the business – and a profit center. For analysts, now is the time to upgrade.

Join this session with Moss Adams and Aible to learn 6 ways business operations and data analyst teams can guarantee measurable results for business. 

1. Reimagine the Dashboard toolkits and make them forward-facing vs rear-facing
2. Democratize predictive analytics and machine learning without a data scientist
3. Get started with the data you have
4. Perform scenario-testing to take calculated actions
5. Prove your value with measurable results
6. Take small steps with a 30-day plan for results

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