What's New in Aible

The Only Enterprise AI Solution That Guarantees Business Impact —
In One Month

Aible extends its leadership in AI for business impact with new features that empower business teams to collaborate with analysts and data science teams to guarantee impact.

Learn how enterprises can leverage new innovations with Aible to enhance their time to value with AI projects.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can significantly empower everyone across the enterprise with Enterprise AI, including:

  • Business managers can now see the impact of AI and increase adoption through User Engagement Monitoring. Aible enables business teams to see whether end users are accepting the AI recommendations of the AI, and to understand the patterns to systematically improve engagement.
  • Data science teams can now bring their own AI models quickly to production through Bring Your Own Model. Data Science teams now have a complete solution for integration, monitoring, and measuring the impact of their carefully crafted models.
  • Analysts can now leverage Impact Forecasting for improved operations planning. For the first time, users can generate forecasts that align to the cost-benefit tradeoffs of the business and see exactly how the AI created the forecast and know which part is due to trends, cyclical patterns, or other business factors.

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